Rebirth of Spitfire BS 410 – Sixty six years after its crash

May 27, 2009, Piotr Kuryllowicz, Polish pilot belonging to the 315 RAF Squadron  from July 1942 to May 1943, was able to take place with a lot of emotion in the cockpit of a Spitfire rebuilt under the identity of the one  he was flying when he was shot May 13, 1943 by managing to eject in extremis with the Crowbar  located inside the side door.

This adventure was made possible through the combined efforts of THE enthusiasts members of Somme-Aviation Association 39-45 and aviation technicians of the Airframe Assemblies Ltd, based in Sandown on the Isle of Wight (UK) .

Some structural components (mainly the fuselage) of  Piotr Kurylowicz 's Spitfire BS 410 were given in February 2006 to  Steve Vizard, CEO of the Company Airframe Assemblies Ltd, through Jean Michel Goyat, who became a member our association.

These pieces, useful in rebuilding the Spitfire BS 410, showed no interest in conservation for our association which, however, restored and carefully preserved other aircraft elements.The  rehabilitation of these damaged parts  contributes to the duty of memory and allow to share this human adventure. It illustrates the work and the historical research made by the members of our association. According to Steve Vizard, there is such a demand for an aircraft as mythical as the Spitfire, that  it is now accepted by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority - the administration of the British Civil Aviation), that they can be rebuilt aircrafts whose identity is perfectly documented and which seamlessly incorporate the original airplane parts.

Thus, sixty-six years after his crash and four years after the recovery of its elements, the Spitfire BS 410, which has taken shape in the workshops of Airframe Assemblies Ltd (in the modified configuration of a tandem of a TR 9 at the request of its owner) received the visit of his last pilot in the presence of Pierre Ben, Jean Michel Goyat, Martin Phillips, owner of the aircraft, and Peter Arnold, one of the historians of the Spitfire the most recognized in the world.

Piotr Kuryllowicz' s Spitfire will  now be  registered as G-TCHI the English civil registry. It will be repainted in the colors he wore at the time of the crash, coded PK-A and of course retain its Serial Number BS 410. That same plane also was  the frame of the famous Polish-born pilot, Francis Gabreski, when it was temporarily assigned to Squadron 315 in 1943. His plane was then coded PK-E.

During the trip on the Isle of Wight, Pierre BEN took with him some parts of the plane, which remain the property of the association, in order to certify the identity of the recovered Spitfire: "Serial Number" BS 410, emblem of 315 Squadron, gear selector, gear leg, round, firing switch, various parts of instruments, etc ... Peter Arnold as a representative of the CAA was able to certify its authenticity.

French article plublished in the magazine "AVIONS" N° 170 (July - August 2009)

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Newspaper article in the "DAILY MIRROR " May 29th 2009

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French newspaper article "Le Courrier Picard" May 13th 2013

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