Spitfire Mk IXc was single-engined with a Rolls-Royce Merlin 61, V12 1 650 hp.

It was equipped with a universal wing (F).

The Mk IX was produced in the urgency to face the FW 190. A new and more powerful engine was mounted on a Spitfire Mk V reinforced fuselage .

Although built as a transitional version, the Spitfire Mk IX was the most engineered version (5665 copies). BS 410 was the 3559th in the series.

Its armament consisted of:

2  Hispano Suiza guns of 20 mm

4   0.303 Browning machine guns

Characteristics :

Type: Single-engined with propeller
Built at : Chattis Hill
First flight: October 28th 1942
Assigned to 315 Squadron : November 6th 1942
Training air service: March 15th 1943
Lost in France: May 13th 1943
Length: 9.47 m
Wingspan: 11.22 m
Height: 3.48 m
Take-off weight 3 326 kg
Maximum speed: 656 km / h at 7600 m
Maximum range: 700 km
Service Ceiling: 13,400 m
KURRYLLOWICZ  militaire.jpg
kuryllowicz Civil.jpg
Piotr en 2006.JPG

SPITFIRE Mk IXc # BS 410 PK-A / Occoches (Somme) Thursday, May 13th 1943




 F/O (Flight Lieutenant) Piotr KURYLLOWICZ, 315 Squadron  RAF (Royal Air Force) from July 1942 untill May 1943. After war he became a dentist and settled in Ontario Canada where Pierre Ben found him.

Piotr Kuryllowicz in uniform
Civilian dressed Piotr Kuryllowicz 
Piotr Kuryllowicz May 2006
 Piotr Kuryllowicz' s  Spitfire Mk IX # BS410 profile
fiche de demobilisation - recto.jpg
fiche de demobilisation - verso.jpg
Piotr Kuryllowicz demobilization papers

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