This wonderful story is born from the passion of Pierre Ben (President of the 39-45 Somme-Aviation Association) and of the members of his association for the aviation history of the Second World War, and the immense generosity of Piotr Kurylowicz, Polish pilot that we met and invited us to meet him in Canada, where he lives.

The adventure began Sunday, December 11th, 2005, when the remains of  Piotr Kuryllowicz' s Spitfire MK IX BS 410 , fell on  May 13th 1943 in the Occoches marshes, were exhumed by the members of the association.

Pierre Ben  then scheduled the visit to France of the pilot and his daughter Kara  in May 2006. Three days that will be strong in emotion, especially when Piotr Kuryllowicz will be offered a piece of the "Crowbar" who saved his life in 1943 wich  was found on December 11th, 2005 in Occoches.

Piotr Kuryllowicz, very touched by the reception he received in the Somme, invited Pierre Ben and his wife Therese Ben and two other members of the Somme-39-45 Aviation Association to visit him in Canada near Toronto.

So we flew to Toronto on June 21st, 2007 for ten days that our host, Piotr Kuryllowicz, made unforgettable.

Thanks to the generosity of Piotr, his daughter Kara  and Karen her collaborator,  we were able to taste the delights of Canada within these few days, meet wonderful people, visit the Aviation Museum of Hamilton, to live aerial experiences, and meet another pilot, Raymond Sherk,  whose Spitfire Mk IX 126 MJ fell on the Somme on March 15th, 1944. Pierre Ben had already contacted that pilot before after finding some  parts of its plane.

Some pictures illustrate these unforgettable moments and encounters, emotionally charged and that will remain engraved in our memories.
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