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By Pierre BEN

I was contacted in June 2013 by the gardener of the Occoches's castle, following an article in the press about Piotr Kuryllowicz, pilot of the Spitfire that crashed at Occoches. The gardener had found aluminum around a small crater in Robermont wood, near the Villa Marguerite, which adjoined the Lucheux forest. Piotr Kuryllowiczs’ crash had been known about for more than a decade, but it is almost impossible to find debris in a forest without eye witness accounts or luck.

With Mr Pruvost's information, the search was going to be much simpler. So in June 2013 we arrived at the reported location and found the crater was still visible, although partially filled with debris of plants left by a cereal trader from Lucheux . Moreover, the debris gave off a very nauseating odor during the excavation which made it almost unbearable!

After having obtained the necessary authorizations, the excavation took place on July 10th. After just a few buckets from our digger operator, Gerald Frion, a number of relatively well preserved aluminum structural parts, fuselage sheet, engine mount tubes, the intercooler radiator in good condition, the shielding plate of the glycol radiator and the magnificent Merlin 66 Rolls Royce were revealed. Gerald then uncovered the complete propeller hub with the propeller pitch control mechanism still with its original oil !!! There did not appear to have been any fire, only the bottom of the sump was damaged, the Spitfire had hit a big tree during the crash. The upper part was intact, moreover, during the cleaning we unbolted the rocker covers to find the valves and cams in ‘as new condition’.


By JP Ducellier

Le Squadron 611

Twelve  "Spitfire" IX :

W/Cdr A.C. Deere "Spitfire" IX # EN 568. Green 1
F/Lt F. Colloredo MansfeId.“Spitfire" IX # EN 573. White 1.
F/Lt J.M. Checketts. “Spitfire” IX FY © H. Black 1.
F/Lt H.A.S. Johnston "Spitfire" IX # EN 576. Green 3.
FlI_t Fi. F. Luness "Spitfire" IX FY @ P. Green 2.
F/O J.H. Devlin “Spitfire” IX # EN 529. White 2.
F/O J. Garden "Spitfire" IX # JK 860. White 3.
F/O K Branson "Spitfire" IX FY © A. Black 2.
F/O. G.FI.Lindsay. "Spitfire" IX # EN 570. FY © J, B/ack3 .
Lt J. lvedte "Spitfire" IX # LK 979. White 4.
Sgt G. Claydon "Spitfire" IX # EN 564. Green 4.
Sgt K.J. King "Spitfire" IX _ FY © K. Black 4.

Beautiful sun. At 15:58 the Wing took off for Rodeo 229 ... We flew to Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise at 7800 meters above sea level and just before we got over this town in the Pas-de-Calais we saw 13 FW 190 flying south at 6900 meters altitude in formation, well aligned, each plane being 50 meters from each other. The Squadron will then immediately turn to his right by diving to these enemy planes to attack them. These FW 190s saw our Squadron's planes at this time, and as F / Lt Checketts, who was closest to the Huns*, began their attack, these Huns escaped to their right. After a complete turn the enemy planes passed on their backs and dived vertically to disappear in the thick fog that was at 4500 meters. The F / Lt Checketts will be the only pilot able to open fire to one of these planes. He will claim this destroyed enemy plane. W / Cdr Deere was ready to shoot when he saw a "Spitfire" which he later identified as Black 4 appearing through his section and thus disrupting the attack Black 3, F / O Gordon R. Lindsay had just been seen diving to the ground with 8 FW 190s behind his tail, and he will not be returning to the base, the Squadron lost one of its oldest and most popular pilots. The remainder of the Squadron reformed, resumed rapidly from altitude and left France above Berck at 5400 meters before landing at 17:17 on the base.

* Huns. In French in the English text.

The RODEO mission 229, 11 JUNE 1943

By JP Ducellier

Friday, June 11, 1943, 3:48 pm ... Rodeo 229 began .... 4  "Spitfire" Wings lX of the RAF will be ordered to each perform a sweep 5 minutes apart on the North of France and in particular on the Pas-de-Calais.

24 Spitfire IX Squadron 341 and 611 will perform a Sweep Cayeux to Abbeville and Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise where planes will engage 13 FW190, claiming the destruction of one of these FW 190 for the loss of one of their "Spitfire" IX.
These "Focke Wull" FW 190s are actually part of the JG 26 and we now know that this German formation will not actually lose any of its aircraft during these fights.

_ 24 "Spitfire" IX Squadrons 403 and 421 (HCAF) will perform a Sweep Cayeux to Abbeville and Foix where a group of more than 15 "Messerschmitt" Bf 109 will be sighted and engaged, one being claimed destroyed and a second damaged by the pilots of Squadron 421.

- 24 "Spitfire" IX of the Squadrons 303 + 316 will take a sweep to Le Tréport and then under the control of Appledore, will go to Amiens where 20 to 25 "Messerchmitt" Bf 109 will be pursued to the north of Beauvais. attacked from above and from the back by other Bf 109. One of these Bf 109 being claimed destroyed.

- 24 "Spitfire" IX Squadrons 331 and 332 will perform a sweep from Sangatte to Doullens. Above the Bay of Somme 4 FW 190 will be sighted but will not be able to be engaged.

On June 11, 1943, the "Spitfires" IX of the RAF Fighter Command  carried out 4 rodeos over the Somme and Pas-de-Calais between 16h00 and 17h30.
- The Gruppe ll of the JG 26 will take off twice.

At the first exit no contact will take place but at the second exit a "Spitfire" IX Squadron 611 of the RAF will be shot down in air combat above southwest of Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise, "Spitfire IX # EN 570 (FY © J) crashing into the Robermont woods at Lucheux resulting in the death of pilot F / O Gordon Rowland Linsdsay.
Certainly, we lack details, but it seems legitimate to think that the F / O Gordon Rowland Lindsay has like his comrades wanted to attack these FW 190 Gruppe ll of the JG 26 seen below the British formation but that the FW 190 Escaping to the side, the British pilot was quickly chased by the FW19O, which he had just attacked without success, before finally being shot down by one of them. The Obfw Glunz of 4 / JG 26 of Gruppe Il will claim the destruction of this "Spitfire" IX north of Doullens at 16:42. It was his 33rd win. He was flying on FW 190 A4 or A5.

Discovery of the engine

Apparition du moteur (2).jpg

Discovery of the engine

Apparition du moteur (1).jpg

Ghislain the meticulous

le moteur apparait.jpg

1st spare parts reassembled

1eres pieces.jpg

Clearing of waste vegetation

Ghislain Lobel Chef du deterrage  (1).jpg

Beginning of search

Ghislain Lobel Chef du deterrage  (2).jpg

Ghislain leading the opération

Ghislain Lobel Chef du deterrage  (4).jpg

Crash site

Impact du crash.jpg

Jacky and the hub

decouverte du moyeu .jpg

Rotol hub

Moyeu au deterrage .jpg

Arrival at the farm

dechargement (3).jpg

Aurélien Ménochet at cleaning

Aurelien (3).jpg

Carter Intercooler

Carter Intercooler.jpg


Carter Intercooler (1).jpg

Merlin 66

Merlin 66 cote droit (1).jpg

Bernard BEN at assembly

Bernard au montage.jpg

Merlin 66

Merlin 66 cote droit (2).jpg

Merlin 66

Merlin 66 cote gauche.jpg

Intercooler + Merlin 66

Merlin 66 vue de derriere.jpg

Pierre BEN and the Merlin 66 with its complete Rotol hub

Moteur Merlin 66 (5).jpg

Intercooler + hub cleaned


Shield plate of the glycol tank

Plaque  blindage radiateur.jpg

Doc and Smithy ecstatic facing the engine

Smithy et Doc en extase devan tle Merlin.jpg

Gendarmerie report
Dany Dheilly


Inside fuselage

EN 570 Lucheux.jpg

Fuselage left side

fuselage EN 570 Lucheux (2).jpg

Fuselage left side

IOW 11.12.16 (2) (Copier).JPG

Fuselage right side

IOW 11.12.16 (4) (Copier).JPG

Jean Michel Goyat, Pierre Ben and Steve Vizard

Jean Michel Goyat Pierre BEN et Steve Vizard (Copier).JPG

Pierre aside the fuselage

Spit EN570 Lucheux (1).jpg

A band of pals satisfied with the work they have done : Jacky, Pierre,Aurélien,Jean Michel

une partie des copains (1).jpg

Raising of Merlin 66

sorti du moteur (1).jpg

Raising of Merlin 66

sorti du moteur (2).jpg

First sight of the engine

sortie du moteur.jpg

Spare parts

Diverses pieces (5).jpg


By Pierre Ben

A significant amount of fuselage structure and engine mount parts were passed on to Steve Vizard, manager of Airframes Assemblies based on the Isle of Wight, to provide the Spitfire's identity. EN570 is currently being rebuilt as a TR 9 version, a two-seater, it will be equipped with a “Grace” type low rear canopy. The project is well advanced in early 2018, indeed the fuselage is almost completed. She will be operated in Norway by "Norvegian Flying Aces", her civil registration will be LN-AOA, obviously the serial number EN570 will never change.
Texts by  Pierre Ben an JP Ducellier  - layout Michel Lespagnol

Spitfire LF IX serial EN 570, FY-J

JP Touzeau & Pierre BEN

EN570 formed part of an order raised on August 23, 1941 for 300 Spitfire Mk V’s. Spitfire EN570 (Serial No 4181) is finally despatched Rolls Royce’s Hucknall factory to be upgraded to Mk IX standard, which included the installation of a Merlin 66 with double stage compressor. There were 4008 Spitfire LF Mk IX produced with the Merlin 66, one of the peculiarities was the introduction of the American Bendix-Stromberg anti-G carburetors which allowed negative G maneuvers at low altitude. This led to the ‘LF’ prefix which stood for ‘Low Fighter’. Her first flight was made on April 3, 1943 and EN570 is sent to 15 MU 5 days later. On April 21 she joined the 76 MU being allocated to 611 Squadron (based at Biggin Hill) on May 15th, 1943 as FY-J. EN570 was credited with two victories whilst being flown by F/L Vernon A. Lancaster, the first a Messershmitt Bf 109 on May 17, 1943 and the second a Focke-Wulf 190 on May 30,1943. She survived only 27 days on the squadron.
JP Touzeau & Pierre BEN

The Spitfire pilot LF Mk IX, EN 570, Squadron 611

By Pierre BEN

Flight Lieutenant Gordon Rowland LINDSAY died in the crash when he was 24 years old. He was the son of Arthur and Doris Lindsay of Whestone in Middlesex, England. He is buried at Saint Pierre cemetery in Amiens, row 1, grave n ° 13.

THE MISSION REPORT 341 SQUADRON "ALSACE" FAFL (French Free Squadron), JUNE 11, 1943

By JP Ducellier

French Squadron
Forces Aériennes Françaises Libres
12 “Spitfire” IX
S/Ldr Mouchotte 16h00-17h15.
P/O Farman 16h00-16h40.
Sgt Mathey 16h00-17h15.
P/O Mailfert 16h00-17h15.
F/Lt Martel! 16h00›17h15.* .
P/O Laurent 16h00-17h15.
F/O ROSS 16h00-17h15.
Sgt Remlinger 16h00-17h15. ,
F/Lt Boudier 16h00-17h15.
FlSgt Leguire 16h00-17h15.
P/O Bouguen 16h00-17h15.
FlO Girardon 16h00-17h15.

The 12 "Spitfire" IX led by Commander Mouchotte, who was also the leader of the Biggin Hill Wing with Captain Martel , and Captain Boudier at the head of the yellow and blue sections, will take off from Biggin Hill at 4:00 pm to proceed in slight ascencion. to Cayeux, Arrived at Cayeux at 4:25 pm, at 7200 meters of altitude, the hunters of these Free French Forces of the RAF will head south of Abbeville, then turn to the left and take a 60 ° heading towards Saint-Pol. -sur Ternoise.

A few seconds later, Squadron 611 will see 12 Boches* heading south below themselves. Squadron 611 will then turn to the right while Squadron 341 will turn to the left, both formations diving to attack these enemy planes. At this moment the Wing will be separated. Squadron 611, however, will quickly resume altitude again, the 341 Squadron  aircrafts following them and then taking the direction of the outbound return of France over Berck at 5400 meters. Arrived midway over the English Channel Control will report that 12 Boches* were heading north and were 25 miles west of Le Touquet. Squadron 341 (FAFL) will turn around but not seeing anyone; will return to England and fly over Hastings at 2100 meters altitude, arriving above the base at 17.15. Red 2 - S / Lt Farman had made a half-turn prematurely with his oil pressure that had dropped very dangerously. It was beautiful over the Channel with clear skies.

Clouds of 6/10 were at 2400 meters above sea level and there was a bit of fog over France.

*Boches: in French in the English text

Spit patrouille.JPG

Engine mount fitting

ferrure bati moteur.jpg

Left side, Flight Ltn Gordon Lindsay with "Big size aces" of Squadron 611

611 Biggin Hill L-R Gordon Lindsay Johnny Checketts Paddy Neill  Al Deere (Copier).jpg

FO Gordon Lindsay with Squadron 611 pilots

611 Biggin Hill 230942-010743 A Flt Sit Flt Lt unk  Flt Lt Compton  FO Pullen stand PO Tap_.jpg
Article CP 20.10.18 001.jpg

October 2018 Andrew Lindsay behind his Uncle's grave.


Pierre Ben and Andrew Lindsay (Gordon's nephew) in front of the motor, october 2018

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