On November 26th, 1943 between 11:45 ET 12:45 during the Ramrod Mission 336 / II, 12 Spitfire Mk Vb of 402 Squadron and 11 Spitfire Mk Vb of 416 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) were escorting a group of B-26 on their way for a bombing operation against the  Cambrai-Epinoy.aerodrome.

Returning from the mission, following a mechanical problem resulting from the struggle against a FW190 in which the glycol tank was probably hit by a bullet and began to leak,  F / Sgt Harry Dubnick, Spitfire EN908's pilot of the 416 Squadron RCAF, warned his teammates that he would try to make a crash-landing.

Unfortunately, maybe  the Spitfire which was too fast or maybe  still a little high failed to land before Watron wood, with an area of ​​220 hectares, but crashed at the entrance of it between Mondicourt and Lucheux, east of Doullens. The pilot jumped too close to the ground  and  was found dead 100m from the crash site. Pierre Lefèvre has witnessed.
SPITFIRE Mk Vb EN 908 of LUCHEUX -  Lucheux November 26th 1943

This Supermarine Spitfire was built in the factory of Castle Bromwich (CBAF - Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory) near Birmingham, in 1942. The Spitfire Mk Vb LF was equipped with a Rolls-Royce Merlin 45 engine  with a carburetor anti-G for low-level flights. Its armament consisted of two 20mm  Hispano-Suiza  cannons and four 7.7 mm machine guns . It was delivered on May 13th, 1942 to the 340 French Squadron  "Ile de France" from the "Forces Aériennes Française libres". Crashed at the beginning of 1943, repaired at "Supermarine" in Castle Bromwich, it is allocated on March 14th, 1943  to 411 Canadian Squadron (RCAF) and then again allocated on June 12th, 1943 to the Canadian 416 Squadron (RCAF). Destroyed on  November 26th 1943, it is dug up on April 5th, 2014.

harry dubnick11.jpg
harry dubnick0006.jpg
Harry Dubnick
Capitaine De Labouchere devant le EN 908.jpg
Capitaine De Labouchère in front of EN 908
F/Sgt Harry Dubnick, was firstly buried in  Méharicourt (80), he now rests at the Calais Canadian War Cemetery  Leubringhen (62), plot 8, row G, grave 10.
Photo RCAF H.D. est a droite.jpg
Photo RCAF, Harry Dubnick is on the right
harry dubnick0005.jpg

Rod and Caron DUBNICK

Rod  Caron Dubnick.jpg
During our research, we found the following: The three-bladed hub in good condition with the regulator propeller pitch; The Glycol tank (crushed), the thermostatic valve and the armour plate protecting the tank (still attached to the hub); Pieces of the bumper shielded breeze; An engine mount bracket; A few pieces of the plexiglass canopy; Four nameplates in good condition: A repair workshops plate from Castle Bromwich, a plate of the compressor, a plate from the glycol tank and the small plate of the forward crankcase  indicating the type "Merlin 45"
Thanks to Pierre BEN's friend, Erin Napier, curator of the Museum of Aeronautics Hamilton in Canada (Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum), we found the family of F / Sgt Dubnick. We are still in contact with her sister Phyllis who lives in Kamloops, British Columbia and his nephew and niece  Rod and Caron Dubnick who live in La Ronge, Saskatchewan province. Harry was the second in a family of eight children, his father and his mother Ann Mac were farmers in Lake Winnipegosis in the great plains of Manitoba. Parts of the Spitfire were sent to Rod and Caron, which has aroused great emotion in their family.

Spitfire LF Mk Vb (EN 908) has a great story. It' s a veteran of the Dieppe landing. It was coded: GW-Y. It was the  Captain Francois Labouchere's plane who was credited with  two victories approved on August 19th, 1942, during "Operation Jubilee". It was also piloted by S / Lt Marcel Albert and Captain Emile Fayolle, very famous pilots of 340 Squadron (The hunting group "Ile de France").
Deterrage Bois de Watron.jpg
Ghislain et Jacky Bois de Watron.jpg
trappe de visite.JPG
Vanne Thermostatique.JPG
Plaque reservoir de glycol.JPG
Plaque Moteur Merlin 45 (XLV).JPG
Pare brise Spit (2).JPG
Moyeu du Spit Mk Vb en cours de nettoyage.JPG
Plaque reparation bati moteur Castle Bromwich.JPG
Moyeu Spit Vb vue devant (2).JPG
Excavation at Watron Wood
Ghislain and Jacky
Visit Hatch
Thermostatic valve
Glycol tank plate
Merlin 45 (XLV) engine plate
Repair workshop plate Castle Bromwich
Spit Mk Vb hub on the cleaning
The Pilot :


Spitfire Mk Vb de Harry Dubnick.jpg
Spitfire Mk Vb GW-Y EN908lors du debraquement de Dieppe 19.08.42.tif
Profile of Spitfire EN 908  in Squadron 340
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